Harsnaqar Incident Domestic Policy Challenge – Expert



The deadly clash at the Harsnaqar restaurant, which claimed the life of
a military doctor, poses a serious domestic policy threat to Armenia,
according to Stepan Grigoryan a political analyst.

At a news conference on Friday, the expert said he is very much
surprised that the subsequent developments did not address the incident
at all.

Three military doctors were beaten by the restaurant’s security guards
on June 17. One of them, Major Vahe Avetyan, who the most seriously
affected, died in hospital twelve days later. The restaurant is owned
by Football Federation President Ruben Hayrapetyan, a member of the
ruling Republican Party faction in Armenia’s National Assembly.

Commenting on the incident, Grigoryan said that the ruling regime
is losing its sovereignty, by declaring a restaurant or any other
institution its property. He called for the authorities’ measure to
do away with such kind of phenomena in the country.

Three days after Avetyan’s death, the businessman MP declared his
intention to vacate his seat in the legislative. He submitted his
resignation notice to the National Assembly on June 22.

“It is necessary to wait for the authorities’ response,” Grigoryan
said. “One parliament member’s waiving mandate offers no solution
to the problem. The question demands a systemic solution,” he said,
adding that he focuses on the phenomenon in general rather than the
individuals in question.

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