NA Deputy Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov Receives The Representatives Of



On July 17 the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Eduard
Sharmazanov received members of the House of Commons of Canada,
Deputy Chairmen of Canada-Armenia Parliamentary Friendship Group Jim
Karygiannis and Alexandre Boulerice.

Welcoming the Canadian deputies’ visit to the Armenian Parliament,
Eduard Sharmazanov has noted that Canada is a friendly country, and
though it is separated from Armenia by ocean, but the territory cannot
have an influence on good relations. In the name of the representatives
of the House of Commons, he expressed his gratitude to Canada for
recognizing the Armenian Genocide and the benefit of Armenians during
the years. The RA National Assembly Vice President highlighted the
visit of the Canadian deputies leaving for Nagorno Karabakh to take
part in the presidential elections with Observation Mission for the
Artsakh people, which, in his word, shows that a democratic country,
as Canada, is interested in extending the democracy in the NK.

Thanking for the shown warmth the Canadian guests stressed that
despite the fact that many were against their visit, particularly,
Azerbaijanis, but they had big wish to witness the establishment of
democracy in Nagorno Karabakh. In their word, Canada shows big interest
in all the countries, where the democracy is one way of establishment.

As the Canadian parliamentarians noticed, about hundreds of thousands
of Armenians living in Canada are very active: the Armenian community
was in the second-third place with its influence, “the Armenian fire
is always bright.”

The members of the House of Commons of Canada talked about the need
of having an Embassy in Armenia, in response to which Mr Sharmazanov
noted that the Armenian side was always interested in the relationship
at higher level. An opinion was expressed that they should activate
the parliamentary mutual visits, which in its turn would boost the
strengthening and development of good relations. Eduard Sharmazanov
noticed that Armenia had been the first in the South Caucasus that
opened an Embassy in Ottawa, which testified to the importance of
the Armenian-Canadian relations.

The Canadian MPs expressed hope that in Nagorno Karabakh the
parliamentary elections would hold at high level and presented
their idea to initiate a group called “Friends of Nagorno Karabakh”
returning to Karabakh, which was accepted with big inspiration by the
RA National Assembly Deputy Speaker. The latter noted that it was
a brilliant idea, expressing conviction that Armenia and the whole
community would welcome, as it was a vivid example how to support
the young democratic country.

In the course of the meeting other issues of bilateral interest were
also discussed.

From: Baghdasarian

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