About 100,000 Voters Are Registered In Nagorno-Karabakh


July 17, 2012 | 13:13

The number of eligible voters in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
(NKR) is 98,909 as of Monday, NKR Central Electoral Commission (CEC)
informed Pastinfo News Agency.

The NKR presidential elections will be held on Thursday, from 8am
to 8pm. And aside from the polling stations to open in the NKR on
that day, another polling station will operate in Yerevan, at NKR~Rs
Permanent Representation in Armenia.

Those NKR citizens who are temporarily~Wor, are living~Win Armenia can
register at the Representation~Rs main list of voters no later than
Tuesday. And those NKR citizens who arrive in Armenia after Tuesday
will be included~Won election day~Win the Representation~Rs additional
list of voters. The main and additional lists will be sent to NKR CEC
in order to remove the listed voters from the lists of those voters
who are registered in NKR.

To note, three non-party affiliate candidates are running in the
NKR presidential elections. They are: Incumbent NKR President Bako
Sahakyan, Deputy Director Arkadi Soghomonyan of Academic Activities
at the NKR capital Stepanakert Branch of State Agrarian University
of Armenia, and NKR National Assembly MP Vitali Balasanyan.

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