President Attends Opening Of Belarusian Production Line Of Armenian



July 16 2012

The material for the elite drink, of course, will continue to come
from Armenia, but it will be poured in the Belarusian capital by the
joint venture. Naturally, this will affect the price while maintaining
the quality.

Sergei Gusachenko reports: One of the most famous sommeliers of
Belarus has a passion for good brandy and can tell a good brandy from
a mediocre brandy within seconds.

The first line for bottling Armenian brandy in Belarus was created
in cooperation with the Yerevan Ararat Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory. The
company has a 135-year history and the unique past.

Businessman Nikolai Shustov, who bought the plant in the late 19th
century, intentionally hired young men of aristocratic appearance,
who went to expensive restaurants and demanded to give them Armenian
brandy. If there was no brandy, a huge scandal followed. The sales
of the factory grew quickly. However, today marketing is based on
more equitable factors.

Armenian brandy was not made in Belarus until this day – the products
were shipped from Yerevan. Geographical distance was naturally
expressed in the price.

President of Belarus proposed to produce brandy in Minsk two years ago,
while visiting Armenia and the Ararat factory – one of the leading
exporters of brandy, which supplies its products to 80 countries.

Due to the personal agreement of the Head of State with the owner of
the plant in Yerevan Gagik Tsarukyan a joint venture was created.

Naturally, Alexander Lukashenko couldn’t ignore its opening.

President was demonstrated the production technology in detail. The
symbolic opening of the line was held with the participation of the
President of Belarus.

Brandy is aged in casks from the Caucasian oak, blended and bottled
in the factory. Only then it is delivered to Minsk, where it is kept
for 10 days in special containers.

The first bottle from the new line was presented to the Head of State.

Alexander Lukashenko gave it to the co-founder as gratitude for the
implementation of the long-term project.

While meeting with business circles of Armenia, the President
repeatedly stated the possibility of a more active dialogue of the
business communities of both countries. A year ago the Belarusian
trading house was opened in Yerevan, and now a large-scale factory for
bottling Armenian brandy is opened in the Belarusian capital. Both
projects are very promising – and, according to the President, they
to prove the need to expand investment cooperation in other areas
of business.

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