No Passports For Syrian Armenians

Ruzan Hovhannisyan


Invited by the ministry of Diaspora, many young Armenians from Diaspora
are currently in Armenia to attend the school of young Armenian
Diaspora leaders. The first impressions of the young Armenians from
all over the world are not positive.

A young Armenian from Syria is surprised seeing the protests and the
cries of mothers of killed soldiers in front of the governmental
house. The Syrian-Armenian says they are worried with the bad
social-economic situation of Armenia and the high emigration rate. As
they can see, people have no job so they leave the country.

The young Armenian from Syria Palik Azarkyan notes since the situation
in Syria is tense, the number of Syrian-Armenians leaving for Armenia
has sharply increased. But the flights to Armenia are no rare that
everyone can’t get a ticket.

There is one more problem: Armenians from Syria who come here want
to have double citizenship and have an Armenian passport. While,
there is the passport issue. They say there should be real positive
facts about Armenia for the Diaspora youth to return.

Member of the Pashkovski Armenian cultural center of Krasnodar,
Arthur Tashchyan is surprised at the bad acceptance by the Armenian
youths. He says they feel foreigners here.

According to Taschyan, in order to eliminate this feeling of
foreigners, the state has much to do. He thinks the reason for such a
bad behavior of the Armenians is the hard social-economic conditions,
since they are jealous towards the Diaspora, but they don’t know that
it is not because the life was great so we spread all over the world,
he says.

The young professor says he is ready to start working in Armenia
since September, he says he is willing to return, but he wonders what
conditions could be offered to him as a young professional.

Artur and his friends are going to launch volunteer activities to help
border vulnerable families of bolder villages, Artsakh and Javakhk.

Artur notes that if the Armenian authorities don’t hinder, many
Diaspora representatives will invest in Armenia.

Arin Ghazaryan from Beirut says that being in Armenia for only 2 weeks,
he has already understood it is hard to live and work here.

From: Baghdasarian

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