BAKU: Azerbaijani President: We Will Raise The Flag Of Azerbaijan In


July 12 2012

Changing the status quo means the withdrawal of Armenian occupation
forces from the occupied lands

The number of countries recognizing Khojaly tragedy as genocide,
gradually will become even more

Baku-APA. “In the coming months and years of work in our foreign
policy will be even more, our relationship will become even
wider. Our principled position on the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict
over Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, based on justice and international
law. The question of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan has never
been and will not be subject to negotiation. Azerbaijan will restore
its territorial integrity. I have no doubt about it”, – Azerbaijani
President Ilham Aliyev said at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers
dedicated to the socio-economic development in the first half of 2012
and the upcoming challenges, APA reports.

The head of state noted that in the negotiation process there has been
some stagnation. Despite the fact that the heads of the co-chairs
of the Minsk Group issued a new statement, which reaffirmed the
unacceptability of the status quo. “So far, concrete, real steps,
changing the status quo is not taken. But it is inevitable. The status
quo must be changed. And the heads of state co-chairs of the Minsk
Group, and president of the Council of the European Union, in Baku,
and representatives of the OSCE and other international organizations
and politicians have repeatedly said about the unacceptability of
the status quo. This is a very valuable statement. Changing the
status quo means the withdrawal of Armenian occupation forces from
the occupied lands. With the withdrawal of occupying forces from the
occupied lands positive trends in the negotiation process, of course,
more will grow, and this issue will be resolved soon”, – he said.

The president noted that along with all political and diplomatic
efforts, Azerbaijan expands military power. “We have created and
create a strong army. A strong army is much strengthens our position
in the negotiations. Expanding economic opportunities of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is becoming a powerful country, not only in the region but
also globally. Of course, our economic, financial, and at the same
time, the political resources will contribute to a just solution to
the question of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Grow and
our economy and our foreign exchange reserves, and our population.

According to recent data, the population of Azerbaijan has already
reached 9.3 million people. As for Armenia, according to official
statistics, the first five months of this year, this country ever
left 80,000 people. By the end of the year this figure will reach
about 170-200 thousand people. Thus, in a few years the demographic
situation in general will be a decisive moment. Not by chance,
in his recent speeches, I pay special attention to this matter. In
Azerbaijan, the demographic situation is good, positive, there is
a natural growth. But I believe that this growth should be even
stronger. To encourage this growth and population growth, perhaps,
be taken further action. Our economy, industrial power, financial
resources will allow us to work twice as many people than it is now,
and create all the conditions. Of course, it would be. Today, 9.3
million. After a few years will be 15 million, 20 million. That is,
the process is, and will go. We are now taking some additional measures
to further stimulate this process’ – President said.

“As for Armenia, it is possible that its leaders, and rejoice in the
fact that the population decreases. After all, there is no jobs,
no money, no economy, no industry, no prospects. The smaller the
population, the smaller the burden that falls on the government. This
– one approach. Our approach is quite different. Our economy, the
industrial might and political will dictate that the Azerbaijani
population should grow. This is necessary not only to resolve the
Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh conflict – we
will solve this issue and raise the flag of Azerbaijan in Khankendi
– but also for the future in general. Because in today’s world,
unfortunately, in many cases, international law does not work.

International law is ignored. In the foreground there is the factor
of force. In fact, this pattern was typical of the Middle Ages. Just
after World War II – after setting a new world order, new rules of
international law have been adopted as a basis. This is the case
today. But looking at the trends and processes in the region and the
world, we see that sometimes it is taking steps that are fundamentally
contrary to international law, on the fore a factor of force. Who is
stronger, he is right. It is not our choice, but unfortunately, this
show going processes in the world. And to be strong, you need a strong
economy, the military-industrial potential and a large population.

Therefore, we must seriously address this issue. Until now, these
processes have a natural character. Just to increase the natural growth
of the economy as well as states became more intense. We see it in
the statistics. In recent years the birth rate was higher than 10-15
years ago. This is an issue that is directly linked to economic and
social factors. But, I repeat, we must approach this issue through
a new prism. Azerbaijani population should grow even faster”, –
the Head of State said.

Speaking about the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh
President noted that in recent years for the recognition of the Khojaly
tragedy as genocide – a state government, our diplomacy, civil society,
our diaspora organizations – have done very much. “It is very important
and significant issue. For three countries – Colombia, Mexico and
Pakistan – formally recognized the Khojaly tragedy as genocide. I am
confident that this process must and will continue. Our embassies,
of course, government agencies, community organizations will continue
their efforts in this regard. Gradually countries to recognize Khojaly
tragedy as genocide, there will be more”, – Azerbaijani president
Ilham Aliyev said.

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