Merci La France Or C’est La Vie

Naira Hayrumyan

Story from News:

Published: 16:07:38 – 09/07/2012

Something strange happened in France relating to the law on the
criminalization of the Armenian genocide denial. First, the minister
of foreign affairs of France Laurent Fabius said that Hollande’s
government will not follow Sarkozy’s path regarding this issue. Since
his Turkish counterpart Ahmed Davutoglu also stated that Turkey removes
sanctions which it had approved, everyone thought France has discarded
the draft law.

Then rumors came that Hollande called the head of the Armenian
Coordination Council of ARFD France and said that the law will be
elaborated. The French Armenians have already expressed doubt that
Holland really telephoned him. The information office of the president
of France did not respond to this clearly but no one has officially
denied Fabius’ words and Davutoglu’s joy.

What is happening in France? What has Hollande planned? Even if we
assume that the French foreign minister made â[email protected]~Kâ[email protected]~Ka statement
which was contrary to the position of Hollande, the president would
have denied it publicly. It is clear that he would not be very pleased
to criticize his foreign minister for being incorrect but in this
case he found himself in an awkward situation.

Either the foreign minister failed to agree its statement with Hollande
or Hollande has changed his attitude to Turkey.

Apparently, Ankara is active e in the European direction and is likely
to push Europe on the issue of its membership to the EU. Hollande may
be a good supporter. It still needs to be found out what France will
get in exchange but Hollande’s support may be crucial for Turkey,
it is evident.

It is not accidental that on these days everyone is talking about
the need to open the Armenian-Turkish border which is one of the
obstacles to Turkey’s membership to EU. Davutoglu does not cease to
repeat that the border will open if Armenian troops are withdrawn
from the Karabakh regions. This means that if France, one of the OSCE
Minsk Group co-chairs, insists on the withdrawal of troops from at
least one region, Turkey will open its border with Armenia as well
as Turkey’s way to Europe.

This is a good plan but it is completely Turkish. What will it bring
to France, to say nothing about Armenia, which will definitely lose
some territory?

Tomorrow the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group will cross the demined
border between Azerbaijan and Karabakh. Perhaps, right in the place
which will be proposed by the mediators to be returned.

The OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier is in Azerbaijan. He
has stated that the OSCE considers the current status quo of the
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict unacceptable and calls on Armenia and
Azerbaijan to refrain from the use of force in resolving the conflict.

“The more players are involved in the conflict settlement process,
the greater will be opportunities for advancement,” said the OSCE
Secretary General, without indicating what he has in mind.

After his election Francois Hollande’s has already made some steps to
eliminate certain stereotypes. he openly stated that Asad will have to
leave, he was the only person to argue with Angela Merkel and achieved
corrections to the economic policy. Now, he may end the traditionally
negative attitude of Europe to Turkey and resolve the Karabakh issue.

And the answer to the dissatisfied Armenians will be c’est la vie.

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