Iran Talk show focuses on Azeri ties with USA, Russia, NATO

Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Sahar 1 TV
June 18 2012

Talk show on Iran’s Sahar TV focuses on Azeri ties with USA, Russia, NATO

Excerpt from report by state-run Iranian international service Sahar 1
TV on 18 June

[Correspondent] Reports are available nowadays that the number of
Russian armed forces [military jets] flying towards Armenia has gone
up. Some political analysts link this to the frequent violation of the
cease-fire regime on the contact line between [the Armenian and
Azerbaijani] troops. However, some political analysts believe this is
linked to the increase in Russia’s sensitivity as it cannot accept
NATO and the US military presence in the countries described as near

And therefore, Russia is signalling that if issues unfold this way, it
will not remain calm. Actually if Americans continue to use the
Azerbaijani Republic as a transit corridor, it may cause problems
between Azerbaijan and Russia, as well as between Azerbaijan and Iran.
We invited journalist Malik Kaya to the studio to discuss this topic.
Welcome, Mr Kaya. I expressed my attitude towards the topic. Please,
you also express your opinion on the issue in question.

[Malik Kaya, journalist speaking in Turkish] In the name of God, the
Compassionate, the Merciful. First, I want to congratulate Muslims and
TV viewers on Mab’ath (Prophet Muhammad’s appointment as a prophet)
holiday. As you know, the USA is not idle. In order to protect own
interests, the USA is trying to implement its policy in our region.
One of these policies is that the USA, under the pretext of
withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan by 2014, is influencing
regional countries and using Azerbaijan as a transit corridor. Of
course, the US activities in the regional countries, especially in
Azerbaijan are not only connected with this. We can divide it into
several aspects. First, [the USA] wants to possess Azerbaijan’s large
energy resources as the future of the world depends on energy. The USA
and Europe are suffering from economic crises due to the shortage of
energy resources. Second, by strengthening its position in Azerbaijan,
the USA is trying to tease Russia and implement its terrorist plots
against Iran using the territory of the Azerbaijani Republic. There
are other aspects as well that we will touch on them during another
conversations. But now the USA is trying to reach the Black Sea
through Azerbaijan and Georgia under the pretext of withdrawing its
troops [from Afghanistan]. And the USA wants to do this without the
signing of an agreement with Azerbaijan when it has already signed
agreements with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to this effect.
It means that Azerbaijan is under the control of the USA.

[Passage omitted: Kaya on human rights violations in Azerbaijan]

[Correspondent] The USA is mainly interested in the opening of borders
between Turkey and Armenia rather than in the solution of the Karabakh
conflict. Because they believe Armenia is in a blockade and want to
rescue Armenians. On the other hand, under Amendment 907 to the
Freedom Support Act, the USA has deprived Azerbaijan of the government
aid since October of 1992 during the presidency of Bill Clinton.

[Kaya] The USA is currently pursuing a policy of ensuring NATO’s
regional presence. As you know, some Turkish high-ranking military
officers, including Gendarmerie General Commander Gen [Bekir Kalyoncu]
paid visits to Azerbaijan 10-15 days ago and these visits were not
widely covered by the media.

[Correspondent] The Azerbaijani media has covered reports that the
visits by Turkish generals are linked to the [possible] resumption of
the Karabakh war and Turkey will give support [to Azerbaijan].

[Kaya] No, their visits have nothing to do with the Karabakh
[conflict]. And Turkey has no intention of involvement in any military
operations in the region. The visits by Turkish generals to Azerbaijan
and following this a [trilateral] meeting between the foreign
ministers of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia are aimed at preparing the
grounds for these countries’ membership of NATO. According to media
reports, Turkey is going to head the general secretariat of NATO and
so Turkey is preparing the grounds for Azerbaijan and Georgia’s
membership of NATO.


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