PM’s Wife Responds; This Is My Secret Formula for Success

Prime Minister’s Wife Responds; This Is My Secret Formula for Success

14:10, July 5, 2012

On June 18, Hetq published an article entitled, `PM Sargsyan: Cash
Holdings Jump From $22K to $859K in Under 3 Years.’ The author
rhetorically asked if the Prime Minister’s wife would like to reveal
her secret for such financial success.

I would like to say the following in response.

There is no such magic formula. One cannot get rich without working.
One must work with dedication and in an honest manner to be
successful. Thus, the formula is simple.

First, one must be admitted to a good university. In my case, that was
Leningrad State University.

One must study assiduously and gain knowledge to get work in ones
preferred profession.

One must then work for at least 25 years, teaching at various
universities. One needs to obtain such knowledge and experience to be
able to win international competitions. In my case, I have worked at a
European university with a 17 year contract. Education must be
on-going and one needs to hone ones talents.

For me that was pursuing a graduate studies at Las Palmas University.
It’s preferable to participate in a number of international academic
programs and author textbooks in order to instruct thousands of
students. I authored a textbook called `The Russian Language for
Spanish Speakers’. It’s also desirable to do translation work, thereby
increasing ones skills.

This was the road I travelled in my professional and work life.

When our little one was born, I and my husband decided that I should
spend more time with my family and my child’s upbringing.


Gohar Sargsyan

Citizen of Armenia