Armenian Opposition Demands Response Of Armenian President On Brutal

July 02, 2012 | 17:50

YEREVAN. – Armenian opposition Heritage Party demands a condemnation
and breakthrough steps regarding the cruel beating in Harsnakar
Restaurant complex.

“Today 35-year-old Vahe Avetyan was buried. His tragic death shocked
the public and reminded about the atmosphere of impunity and victims
of other atrocities.

With skepticism we expect that the assurances given by law enforcement
forces will be confirmed with results.

Armenian MP, the owner of the restaurant Ruben Hayrapetyan bears
responsibility for the tragic event. We hope that Ruben Hayrapetyan’s
statements about the incident are earnest.

We demand condemnation words from the Armenian President and also
breakthrough steps,” the statement of Heritage reads.

As Armenian informed earlier, an incident occurred at
capital city Yerevan’s Harsnaqar Restaurant on June 17, where several
military doctors including Edgar Mikoyan, Arkadi Aghajanyan, Garik
Soghomonyan, Artak Bayadyan and Vahe Avetyan were brutally beaten by
the restaurant employees.

High-ranking military doctor Vahe Avetyan died in hospital on June 29.

A criminal case is launched, and the Police have detained six people.

The Restaurant’s owner is ruling party influential MP, head of the
Armenian Football Federation, and businessman Ruben Hayrapetyan.

Candlelight vigil in memory of Vahe Avetyan was held in front of the
restaurant on June 30.

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