Armenia Does Not Fully Comply With Minimum Standards For Trafficking

June 29, 2012 | 21:26

Armenia is a source country for women and girls subjected to sex
trafficking, as well as a source country for women and men subjected
to forced labor, says the 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report issued
by State Department.

“To a lesser extent it has been a destination country for women
subjected to forced labor.Women and girls from Armenia are subjected
to sex trafficking in the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, and within
the country. Armenian men and women are subjected to forced labor in
Russia. Armenian boys have been subjected to forced labor within the
country. An NGO reported a new trend of labor migrants withdrawing
their children from school and taking them abroad as helpers; these
children are vulnerable to conditions of forced labor.

The Government of Armenia does not fully comply with the minimum
standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making
significant efforts to do so. In 2011, the government convicted more
trafficking offenders than during the previous year, continued to
train hundreds of officials in partnership with NGOs and international
organizations, and strengthened anti-trafficking public awareness
campaigns. The number of victims identified by the government during
the year continued to drop,” the report on Armenia reads.

In its recommendations State Department urges Armenia to increase
efforts to identify victims of forced labor and to investigate and
prosecute labor trafficking offenses, further improve cooperation with
NGOs and educate law enforcement and labor inspectors on distinguishing
between labor trafficking and civil labor violations.