Armenian Opposition Leader Hostage To ‘over-Ideologized Docrine’ – E


The opposition bloc Armenian National Congress (ANC) leader Levon
Ter-Petrosyan is now hostage to “over-ideologized doctrines and
inertial force of his own forecasts,” Hmayak Hovhannisyan, Chairman
of the Political Scientists Union of Armenia, told

“The disastrous forecasts are not new, and Ter-Petrosyan made them
back in 1997-1998,” Hovhannisyan said, as he commented on the ANC
leader’s foreign policy forecasts at the ANC’s latest rally.

At the rally, the ANC leader stated that the OSCE Minsk Group
mediators’ statement on Nagorno-Karabakh made in Los Cabos, Mexico,
is essentially different from their previous statements.

Hovhannsyan noted that the mediators have to consider Azerbaijan’s
impatience. Azerbaijan is seeking revision of the status quo in its
favor, he said.

Asked whether 20 years is not enough for hoping for the same status
quo and that a new war is not an alternative, Hovhannisyan said:

“It does not mean that the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs must try
to impose this solution, because they are well aware this is not
the only protracted conflict.” In this context, he recalled the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Better a lean peace than a fat victory,” he added.

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