BAKU: Arye Gut: Armenia Is Mono-Ethnic Country


June 22 2012

Public hearings on the so-called “Armenian genocide” have recently
been conducted at the plenary session of the Israeli Knesset.

Commenting on this meeting in his blog spokesman of the International
Association “Israel-Azerbaijan” (Aziz), an expert in the field of
international relations Arye Gut said that, unfortunately, this
issue is a matter of political provocation initiated by the Armenian
community of Israel and supported by a number of Israeli MPs.

“This is a fact that official recognition of the so-called “Armenian
genocide” is not only undermines, but rather destroys the complex,
tense Turkish-Israeli relations,” Gut writes.

“The Turkish and the Jewish people have a rich 500-year history of the
relationship and mutual understanding. Do not forget the historical
facts. At the time, the Turkish sultan saved Jews from annihilation in
Spain, giving them full civil rights. During the Second World War, when
European Jews were subjected to terrible and barbaric annihilation,
Turkey, defended and saved the Jews, ” Gut adds.

According to Gut, the recognition of the so-called “Armenian genocide”
would seriously undermine Israel’s relations with Azerbaijan.

“Azerbaijan today is a true regional leader of the South Caucasus,
which has serious geopolitical and geo-economic perspective. For
20 years, Israel has developed a very strong strategic partnership
with Azerbaijan. Today, many large Israeli companies are operating
in Azerbaijan in various fields, such as high technology,
telecommunications, oil and gas industry, medicine and agriculture.

Trade turnover between the two countries reached nearly $ 5 billion,”
says Gut.

“And now look at the situation in Armenia. Though chairman of the
Jewish Community of Armenia Rimma Varzhapetyan is trying to defend
Armenia in this situation, it’s time to face the truth. We are all
well aware, as Mrs. Varzhapetyan protects mono-ethnic country where
chauvinism and nationalism pass from the mother’s milk. Almost every
year a monument to innocent victims of the Holocaust in Yerevan is
being defiled. This fact confirms that the genocide of Azerbaijanis
in Khojaly was the result of the Nazi ideology of ethnic cleansing,
which is now preaching the ruling clan of Armenia. This clan has
come to power with large blood to create a mono-ethnic state and
expelled Azerbaijanis from their lands. Some 200,000 Azerbaijanis
were brutally driven out from Armenia, there are no Russians and no
Jewish here any more,” says Gut.

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