Azerbaijani-Armenian Refugees Blame Azerbaijan For Their Sufferings


20 June, 2012

YEREVAN, JUNE 20, ARMENPRESS: Azerbaijani-Armenians have no claim
from Armenia and consider that the only guilty for their sufferings is
Azerbaijan, Chairman of the Assembly of Azerbaijani-Armenians Gregory
Ayvazyan told a news conference dedicated to the World Refugee Day.

“Though the number of refugees has decreased in Armenia, nothing
has changed in the percentage: they make 10% of the population. The
issue of refugees can be divided into 3 groups – political, legal,
social-economic,” said Gregory Ayvazyan, according to Armenpress.

“As a political issue the president of the assembly pointed out the
insufficient representation of the Azerbaijani-Armenians’ profits in
the issue of Nagorno Karabakh conflict. The status of refugees is a
legal issue, and the issue of apartments is social-economic.

“There are 1000 families of Azerbaijani-Armenian refugees in Armenia,
who do not have dwelling conditions, and $ 50 mln is needed by
approximate calculations. We have heard the government’s viewpoints
and agree that it is difficult to provide all that alone,” said
Gregory Ayvazyan. He noted the region is likely to register a new
flow of refugees related to the events taken place in Iran and Syria.

360 thousand Azerbaijani-Armenians live in Armenia.

From: Baghdasarian