Turkey ready to accomplish another dirty job in the region

Commentary: Turkey ready to accomplish another dirty job in the region

June 15, 2012 – 13:34 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net – Turkey’s hawkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu
entered the foreign policy arena disguised as a dove, advocating a new
foreign policy for his country that would reduce to zero all the
problems with its neighbors, Edmond Y. Azadian says in a commentary on
The Armenian-Mirror Spectator.

`Since Mr. Davutoglu prefers to define his country’s foreign policy in
mathematical terms, the results or the sums of that policy can be
measured in the same mathematical terms. Mr. Davutoglu’s zero was
multiplied with many zeros to give a zero result as appraised by
Armenia’s Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian. The protocols with
Armenia yielded a zero. Negotiations with Cyprus regressed, rather
than progressed, when Turkey refused to abide by the European Union’s
demand to open up its ports and airports for Cypriot transport. Next,
after kissing and hugging President Bashar al Assad of Syria, Turkey
emerged as the vanguard in undermining that country’s sovereignty.
Turkey engineered a stand off with Israel, and finally, after signing
a $20-billion energy agreement with Iran, and thumbing the warnings
from the West, relations between the two nations are frosty,’ he said.

`Today arms and money are pouring into Syria, mostly through the
Turkish border and raising the level of violence to such an atrocious
level where it will be convenient to blame the government forces,
which are trying to bring order and save the lives of citizens caught
in the crossfire of the army and foreign intruders. Turkey has been
enhancing its power by efficiently executing assignments from the West
and as compensation, it is allowed even to bully the European Union,’
Azadian emphasizes.

`All indications are there to conclude that Turkey is ready to
accomplish another dirty job in the region, when pressure on Iran
heats up, after the collapse of the regime in Syria. That will add
another zero to Mr. Davutoglu’s `peaceful’ foreign policy,’ he

From: Baghdasarian