Armenian Tourists Prefer European Countries To Turkey


14 June, 2012

YEREVAN, JUNE 14, ARMENPRESS: 120 000 people from Armenia have left
for abroad under the purpose of tourism in the first quarter of 2012.

Armenpress was informed from the head of Tourism department of
Ministry of Economy Mekhak Apresyan that the first quarter is more
passive period for traveling. “Armenians like to have sea holiday
and prefer to leave for those countries which have seashore” he
said. In Apresyan’s words there are people who prefer cultural and
cognitive rest and leave for European countries. In order to imagine
approximately for which countries Armenians have left this year we
called ten travel agencies. Nine agencies mentioned that Armenians
this year have left for Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain and other European
countries, and leavers for neighbor Turkey have very small percentage.

“There are already many countries which organize sea holiday and
Armenians prefer to leave for other countries rather than for Turkey.

It is also associated with raising of consciousness of people.

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