The Most Dangerous Weapon Of Russia?

Naira Hayrumyan

Story from News:

Published: 11:25:08 – 12/06/2012

There is an opinion that the criminal case on money laundering launched
by the National Security Service against Civilitas foundation is a
fragment of the fight between the U.S. and Russia for Armenia.

No matter how primitive this scenario may seem, but it is evident
that the Russian authorities are worried with Armenia~Rs inclination
to the West. Moreover, the most pro-Western politician is called to
be Serzh Sargsyan who didn~Rt find support in Moscow, and naturally
turned to the West.

It is also evident that closer to the presidential elections,
Moscow will do a step to have Armenia back to the zone of Moscow~Rs
unquestioning influence. Apparently, Russia~Rs project in Armenia will
be Robert Kocharyan, who will most likely be introduced by Vladimir
Putin when the latter arrives in Armenia in September right in the
beginning of the presidential campaign.

Robert Kocharyan~Rs interests in Armenia are promoted by the
Prosperous Armenia party. But looking more attentively, the party and
its leader Gagik Tsarukyan don~Rt take up steps to promote Kocharyan
or to criticize severely Serzh Sargsyan. Say, Tsarukyan~Rs statement
following the elections contained no criticism but only a promise to
go on working in favor of the nation.

While, Vartan Oskanian does not hide his critical moods towards Serzh
Sargsyan. He has issued severe criticism on the elections calling
them almost criminal. He is ascribed the refusal of the PAP to enter
the ruling coalition.

Many experts say that if the sole right of decision belonged to Gagik
Tsarukyan, he would have sworn allegiance to Serge Sargsyan. But the
political orientation of the party, apparently, is made by Vartan

In fact, again according to the primitive pattern, Russia wants to
bring Robert Kocharyan to power through Vartan Oskanian. And it cannot
but worry the West. For this reason, we must assume that a criminal
case against Oskanian is just most advantageous to Western forces.

Paradoxically, but now Vartan Oskanian, who grew up and was educated
in America and until recently was considered one of the pro-Western
politicians in Armenia, started being perceived by the West as the
most dangerous weapons of Russia.

Many think that if Serzh Sargsyan wanted to neutralize the PAP,
he would choose Gagik Tsarukyan, on whom tons of tax cases can be
found. But if Serzh Sargsyan neutralizes Tsarukyan, his place will
be taken by Oskanian and this will further strengthen the party. So,
apparently, the decision was taken to start from Oskanian. While,
it is always possible to come to terms with Tsarukyan.

Armenia has once again been driven into the Procrustean bed of choosing
between the two former presidents who do not enjoy public support. The
choice between two unacceptable candidates is not an option. However,
along with it, Armenia will have to choose between the directions
of development – the West or North. And if the citizens of Armenia
don~Rt their own word, do not refuse both candidates and do not take
their destiny into their own hands, we will always be destined to
play football. And then not only the diplomacy will be football,
but the whole life.