Russian Businessmen Competing In Karabakh?

Naira Hayrumyan

Story from News:

Published: 14:55:17 – 04/06/2012

On these days, Ruben Vardanyan has visited Karabakh and promised to
fulfill a number of investment projects. According to some information,
the point is about the construction of elite housing.

Armenian press reports Ruben Vardanyan just decided to support Bako
Sahakyan at the next presidential elections.

It is noteworthy that on the very same day, an interview with
the second main candidate Vitali Balasanyan appeared in the press
who was “suddenly” asked whether again Russian-based benefactor
Levon Hayrapetyan will support his candidacy. Balasanyan said that
non-citizens of Artsakh have no right to support anyone, but he didn’t
hide that Levon Hayrapetyan can’t fulfill all his plans under the
acting power of Karabakh.

Actually, the presidential race in Artsakh may be brought to the
competition of two ambitious Russian businessmen of Armenian origin.

In Armenia, apparently, they have no chance to work, or they have no
enough resources, so they decided to compete in the small Karabakh.

Although this would not happen if the candidates in Karabakh presented
alternative approaches. The campaign has not stated yet and we cannot
definitely state that there will be no alternative proposals. But,
apparently, the approaches of the two major candidates will differ
insignificantly so that people will elect on the basis of the
assessment of these approaches. Someone will be influenced by the
administrative power resource of Bako Sahakyan, someone else by the
credibility and “courage” of Vitaly Balasanyan, who decided to say
that not only Bako Sahakyan “has the right”.

But the important is that the insignificant difference between the
candidates becomes the good field for “competition” of foreign actors.

And if in Armenia, in connection with the lack of alternative,
the competition was between the world centers – Russia, U.S. and
Europe, so, in Artsakh, which is completely pro-Russian, Russia-based
businessmen are competing.

The same programs are proposed to the Karabakhi population every year –
solution of social issues, “wait and see” foreign policy, full trust
to Armenia, loyalty to Russia, ensuring of housing for militaries,
return of Karabakh to the negotiations. For all these years, the only
candidate who proposed real alternative was Masis Mayilyan in 2007,
who proposed to launch the process of international recognition of
Karabakh parallel to the efforts to return to the negotiations and
not to do social charity but to refuse shadow quotas and open the
economic and boost foreign investments.

This was a “different” approach. What will the candidates proposes
this time?

From: A. Papazian

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