Armenia’s Prime Minister Draws Eu’s Attention To Deconstructive Posi


4 June, 2012

BRUSSELS, JUNE 4, ARMENPRESS: The current geopolitical risks in
South Caucasus considerably reduce Armenia’s potential of conducting
reforms. Armenia’s Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan stated this in the
Centre for European Political Studies (CEPS), Brussels, Armenpress’
correspondent reports from Brussels.

“Azerbaijan’s artificial and uncontrollable military expenses as well
as the decision to resolve Nagorno Karabakh conflict in a military
way enhance the political tension in the region. Secondly, Armenia’s
continuous blockade by Turkey essentially decreases the opportunity
of diversification of Armenia’s economy. The aspirations of Turkey in
the region reflect on the negotiations over the peaceful settlement
of Nagorno Karabakh conflict negatively, protracting the resolution
of the conflict,” Tigran Sargsyan stressed.

“Without any intention to doubt the EU efforts in maintenance of
peace and stability in the region, I want to draw your attention to
the fact that the international sanctions against Iran are a serious
challenge for our economy. Besides Iran, the only way linking Armenia
with the rest of the world, is Georgia,” PM said.

He noted that the opportunity of resuming the frosted conflicts of
the South Caucasus can be decreased only by means of building up a
general platform of merits.

“Turkey, Azerbaijan,Georgia and Armenia are on the way of the European
development. We are well aware that the productive reforms on this
way will promote regional security and cooperation.

The only true variant for the countries of our region is to be led
by merits like the mutual respect, tolerance and reconcilement, which
are the cornerstones of the modern Europe,” Tigran Sargsyan stressed.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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