When Mouse Will Be Dismissed

Haik Aramyan

Story from Lragir.am News:

Published: 13:42:56 – 02/06/2012

The press reported that during the election of speaker of the National
Assembly there was a ballot on which somebody wrote by hand the words
“Muk” (Mouse), the nickname of Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan, and opposite
it – “against”.

It is known that only the RPA and PAP parliamentary groups voted only.

The opposition did not vote. In fact, the author of MOUSE and AGAINST
ballot is either Republican or PAP.

Hovik Abrahamyan is understood as a compromise between the RPA and
PAP. First he was nominated speaker and soon dismissed as he was
suspected of an internecine “plot”. Upon his second nomination he
remembered this story and stated that truth will never die.

However, this is Hovik’s truth. And the truth is that Hovik’s presence
in top government means that Armenia still has no government and
state as such. Hovik Abrahamyan is the patched cloth offered to the
society as government.

Armenia has not had a government for a long time already because it
has not ensured legitimacy with its well-known forms and contents.

They have gnawed at these forms like mice, ruthlessly and consistently,
trying to establish their own “truth” instead. But since this won’t
do, all the time they have to sow a patch on the gnawed parts, to
give it a form of government for those inside and outside.

This system cannot think of anything else since it fears any change.

However, it is impossible to mend a piece of worn cloth. It is kept
till worn to tatters or is replaced with the new cloth in time. The
truth for the Armenian society is to throw it away in time, whereas
Hovik’s truth is the system’s desire to continue to usurp all the
spheres of life of Armenia at the expense of the society and the
nation. However, this truth is dying slowly because MOUSE and AGAINST
have appeared in the middle. It means that the system also sees its
inevitable plight.


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