Poor economy caused first republic’s collapse – historian

Poor economy caused first republic’s collapse – historian

13:41 – 28.05.12

Armenia’s first republic collapsed because of its poor economy,
according to Babken Harutyunyan, a history professor at the Yerevan
State University (YSU).

At a news conference on Monday, the expert was concerned to note at
Armenia’s present-day republic is also facing a similar problem.

`This is very important, so we must realize [the fact] and strengthen
our economy. It is necessary to create a powerful economy to prevent
the people from leaving the country,’ he said, highlighting the
importance of boosting manufacturing and export.

Another key factor, according to Harutyunyan, is the army which needs
a due attention.

`A nation that fails to care for its own army eventually pays for
another’s army,’ he noted.

`A powerful army is the first guarantor of a country’s existence,’
added Edik Minasyan, the dean of the YSU History Department.

Harutyunyan, however, was more inclined to stress the significance of
flexible policies.

`Our policies have to be flexible … and be governed by flexible
brains. It is important to be far-sighted,’ he said.

Comparing Armenia’s first and third republics, the historian noted
further that Armenia faced a road communication problem in both