Armenia’s Police Chief rules out being appointed Defense Minister

Armenia’s Police Chief rules out being appointed Defense Minister
May 28, 2012 | 21:14

SARDARAPAT. – May 28, that is, Armenia’s Republic Day, means victories
for Chief of Police, Vladimir Gasparyan, the latter himself stated
Monday while visiting the Sardarapat Memorial.

`When the Armenian people are together, [and] united, we triumph. This
is our holiday which wraps up [the month of] May, and I believe our
[coming] generations need to be disciplined with such festivities of
triumph,’ the Police Chief noted.

Reflecting on the information with reference to the possible
establishment of a Ministry of Internal Affairs in the country,
Vladimir Gasparyan noted that this is a requirement by the EU and the
OSCE, but it is a program.

At the same time he ruled out the information being disseminated
concerning his being appointed Defense Minister.

`I am a police officer,’ he stated.

To note, Armenia celebrates Monday the Republic Day.

The Armenian regular military forces and volunteers defeated the
Turkish troops, in May 1918, and thus prevented the latter’s invasion
of Armenia’s capital city Yerevan.

This triumph enabled the Armenian people to restore their statehood,
which was lost centuries ago.

It was 94 years ago on this day that the Armenian National Council
declared, in Tbilisi, Armenia’s independence and the creation of the
First Republic of Armenia.

The First Republic of Armenia has played an invaluable role in the
formation of the state governance bodies.

The May 28 celebrations in Armenia are traditionally held at the
Sardarapat Memorial, which eternalizes the memory of the Armenian
heroes who prevented a Turkish invasion of Armenia in 1918.