ANTELIAS: HH Aram I engages in dialogue with university professors

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On Tuesday evening, 22 May, a meeting was organized for His Holiness Aram I
with the Armenian professors teaching at universities of Iran.

More than one hundred professors, specialized in economics, psychology,
ecology, medicine, mathematics, education, history and science attended this
gathering which was described by His Holiness as “unique and unprecedented”
in community life.

The primate of Tehran, Archbishop Sebouh opened the meeting welcoming Aram I
and explaining the circumstances that led a few years ago to bring together
the university professors of Armenian origin. The primate’s introductory
word followed by the greeting of the president of the association.

His Holiness at the very outset of his talk said that he wanted to attend
this gathering “not to talk but to engage in a frank dialogue” because he
“believes in dialogue, not in monologue”.

Catholicos Aram I stressed the vital importance of learning: “teaching
implies constant learning particularly in a world which is in continuous and
radical change”. He said that “learning and teaching must be translated into
participation. Human resources are crucial for the future of a society. More
than ever the Armenian people are in dire need of human resources”,
concluded His Holiness in his few remarks.

The university professors raised a number of questions, issues and concerns
related to globalization, Armenian genocide, internal situation in Armenia,
upheavals in the Middle East, interfaith dialogue, etc. His Holiness shared
with them his views and experiences underscoring the pivotal importance of
such dialogue in our church and community life.

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