NKR: Getting Ready To The Harvest


NKR Government Information and
Public Relations Department

Issues related to the coming harvest have been discussed today at
the conference called by the NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan.

Responsible persons of the agricultural sphere and heads of regional
administrations reported of the harvest preparatory works. As informed
the Minister of Agriculture A.Khachatryan 61 thousand hectare grain
autumn sowing has been done, which is more by 7 thousand hectare
comparing with the previous year.

Spring sowing is in the process and one of the main problems is to
finish it successfully and get ready to the harvest without losses.

Prime Minister A.Haroutyunyan mentioned that there are three principal
issues for the harvest preparation: to adjust the agricultural
machinery, to take necessary anti-fire measures and plan laying-in
and realization issues. Prime Minister announced that the price of
grain will not be less than 130 AMD for 1 kg.

Director of the NKR Rescue Service Artur Haroutyunyan and executive
director of the “Village and agriculture assisting fund” Vahram
Baghdassaryan spoke about the works done in their structures.

Summarizing the conference the head of the Government emphasized that
it is necessary to get ready to the coming autumn sowing, follow the
agricultural norms.

At the end of the conference Prime Minister instructed the heads of
the regional administrations to present corresponding suggestions in
three days period regarding the issues discussed.

From: A. Papazian

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