Cosmopolitian & K Kardashian Team Up To End Armenian Genocide Disput

William Ashford

Scrape TV

May 14 2012

New York, NY – For decades women have relied on one major resource
for many of their most intimate questions. Whether for sex, health,
self-improvement, or even fashion millions of women have turned to the
pages of ‘Cosmopolitan’ for generations, finding in those glossy pages
pretty much all the gossip and advice a woman could ever want. Even
in today’s modern, digital, and largely liberated world the sometimes
seedy world that ‘Cosmo’ explores still has a great deal of impact
for women, engaging new generations of girls.

Things haven’t always gone swimmingly for the magazine however and in
recent years, particularly with the decline of magazine sales across
the board, things have gotten much worse for the magazine that this
year turns 125 years old. Thos challenges have prompted many changes
at the magazine, from downsizing to distribution, but it is in the
content itself that much of the real change has occurred. True,
the magazine still has all the heart-felt advice it has always had
but recent editorial decisions have opened up the magazine to new
creative, and controversial, avenues. Most recently the magazine
has come under criticism for its decision to feature Kim Kardashian,
a celebrity of Armenian descent, on the cover of the Turkish edition
of the magazine, prompting outrage from activists still seething over
the long-standing issue of the 1917 genocide. For ‘Cosmo’ though it
is just a part of the new editorial model which they hope will help
make the world a better place, with a whole lot of great sex advice.

“While we certainly understand the passions of people in respect to
this issue, we at Cosmo stand by our decision to feature Ms.

Kardashian on the cover of the Turkish edition of the magazine. Our
intent is to help aid an understanding between the Armenian and Turkish
people and do what we can to bring a resolution to this issue,”
said a spokesperson for the magazine. “We hope that by featuring
Ms. Kardashian on the cover we can bring the issue to the forefront
and begin to discuss it. Only by talking can we come to a resolution,
advice we have been giving for 125 years.”

Both Kardashian and the Armenian National Committee of America
protested the cover, though Kardashian agreed to do another for
the magazine.

“I think that in the long picture this cover will have little impact
on the situation and the ongoing debate between the two nations and
people. Ultimately though if you can get the conversation going on
any level it’s probably a good thing,” said Scrape TV Media analyst
Sarah Piper. “There is no person of Armenian descent more prominent
than the Kardashian family right now, Kim in particular, and so
there is really no better spokesperson for the issue than her. Of
course whether that has an impact on Turkey and the Turkish people
is something else entirely, largely because the people who buy Cosmo
tend to not worry too much about hundred year old genocides.”

The genocide of the Armenian people under Ottoman rule occurred
between 1915 and 1917, resulting in thousands of deaths, rapes,
and deportations.

“Even a few years ago I don’t think that anyone would have looked to
‘Cosmopolitan’ to help resolve major political and social issues, but
in the end the magazine was built on giving life changing advice and
so this is not something totally out of left field,” continued Piper.

“I guess any attempt to bring resolution to these issues is a
good thing, and if you sell magazines in the process, well then
everyone wins. I know that the publishing industry certainly needs
an intervention, maybe even more than the Turks and the Armenians,
and this may be just that.”

The issue also featured groundbreaking advice on getting celebrity
hair styles, and how to shed pounds to fit into sexy bikinis.

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