ARF-D Rep. Says Street Protests Possible


The Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaksutyun (ARF-D) may not
give up the idea of taking to the streets to continue its struggle
against “the reproduced regime”, Armen Roustamyan, a member of the
party has said.

“Who says we rule out street [protests] after entering the National
Assembly? We will take steps both in and outsode of the parliament,”
he told reporters at the joint headquarters final session today.

Roustamyan noted their position, which was voiced before the election,
remains unequivocal.

“We stated clearly that regardless of the election outcome we had set
a task to fight the ruling regime and achieve a government change,”
he said.

The politician added that withdrawing the mandates is not a good
decision as that would mean fulfilling the authorities’ will.

“The authorities do not want losers in parliament after the election
and wish those disappointed to leave the country,” he noted.

Roustamyan said further that the number of mandates is not that
important for the party.

“As they say, no great loss without some small gain,” he said, adding
that a higher political level in the course of the 2013 presidential
election would enable them to combat the reproduction of the regime.

In that context, he stressed the importance of collaboration among
the opposition parties elected to the parliament.

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