Post Election Intrigue: Coalition Or No Coalition?

By Siranuysh Gevorgyan

10.05.12 | 14:08


With elections settled, the most discussed issue in the political life
of Armenia is the formation of possible coalitions at the National
Assembly, and it appears the period of deal making has emerged.

The most predictable is the collation formed by Republican Party of
Armenia (RPA) and Orinats Yerkir (Rule of Law) Party. Prosperous
Armenia Party (PAP) is left to decide whether to again join RPA,
which won in the parliamentary elections and form a coalition with it,
or to be alone at the National Assembly and become an opposition.

According to preliminary data of this year’s election results, PAP
will have ten more lawmakers in the parliament as compared to previous
ones – 36 instead of 26 MPs. Meanwhile, RPA with its 69 lawmakers
will enjoy overwhelming majority in the parliament and will not
need to form any coalition. Nevertheless, Prime Minister of Armenia
Tigran Sargsyan (RPA member) when having a dinner with World War II
veterans in Haghtanak (Victory) Park in Yerevan on Wednesday, ceding
to journalists’ persistent questions, stated that “RPA is inclined to
establish a coalition.” The premier said that negotiations are held
in this respect; however, he avoided clarifying whether PAP will be
invited to enter the new collation. Other RPA members, such as RPA
Deputy Chairman Galust Sahakyan in an interview with RFE/RL’s Armenian
service said he believes that “it is not expedient for PAP to become
an opposition” and that “experience is needed for being an opposition.”

While PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan significantly keeps silence, former
Foreign Minister of Armenia Vartan Oskanian who was the second on the
PAP proportional list, in an interview with Civilnet stated that he
“categorically opposes” formation of a collation with RPA.

“I have often said that if a political force has an absolute majority
alone then forming a coalition with it does not solve any problem,
and it does not create any counterbalance in the parliament,”
Oskanian said.

A similar statement was made by PAP member Naira Zohrabyan, however,
she emphasized that it was her personal viewpoint.

Meanwhile Heritage Party, Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF,
Dashnaktsutyun) and Armenian National Congress (ANC) have excluded
their collaboration with RPA.

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