Our concerns came true – Naira Zohrabyan on vanishing stamps

Our concerns came true – Naira Zohrabyan on vanishing stamps

10:14 – 06.05.12

Naira Zohrabyan, head of Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) election
headquarters, said the party will release a statement after a while
relating to the oxidizing stamps in voters’ passports.

`Our concerns came true,’ Zohrabyan said, stressing that the stamps
vanish in 3-4 minutes affording a wide opportunity for double voting.
The PAP has received such calls from all the polling stations.

`We assess it as an initially designed scenario for double voting. It
is not the way to build democracy,’ Naira Zohrabyan stated, adding
that the falsifiers will not be pardoned.

The PAP representatives have videotaped the oxidation process and
informed the OSCE/ODIHR and PACE observers who are due to the PAP
headquarters after a while. Before it, they will visit Ajapnyak
polling stations to get convinced personally of oxidation of the

Central Election Commission (CEC) chairman Tigran Mukuchyan has also
been informed about vanishing stamps, saying that he is aware of the
issue and offered mixing a common ink.

Tigran Mukuchyan has warned the election commissions about the issue,
though Naira Zohrabyan said the commission members refuse to take
common ink and mix it, saying `we do not know what ink it is’.

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