Almagro Should Have Been Invited To Karabakh

Almagro Should Have Been Invited To Karabakh

Naira Hayrumyan

Story from News:

Published: 13:28:49 – 05/05/2012

Yesterday, during the campaign, minister of foreign affairs of Uruguay
Luis Almagro arrived in Armenia who reiterated the position of his
country on the settlement of the Karabakh issue.

Uruguay supports the peace settlement of the NKR issue based on the
right to self-determination, said Almagro. `Nagorno Karabakh is
strongly connected with Armenia; it is the future of Karabakh which it
can choose for itself choosing the right to self-determination,’ said
the minister.

This is a very important statement. Note that last year the foreign
minister of Uruguay, the country, which recognized the Armenian
genocide in 1965, made this sensational statement. At least, it was
important such for Azerbaijan and Turkey which sent their diplomats to
South America trying to influence the position of Uruguay. Moreover,
they stated that they did. But, as it turns out, Uruguay is firm on
its position without fears that Azerbaijan will cut oil or gas supply.

For other countries, Uruguay’s statement was probation not only for
Azerbaijan’s potential regarding the recognition of Karabakh but also
Armenia’s recognition, whether it would continue efforts for the
international recognition of Karabakh.

Unfortunately, the result of the probation was unpleasant for Armenia.
In addition, not only the weakness of Azerbaijan’s potential was
revealed, which does not oppose to this process except for diplomatic
noise, but also Armenia’s lack of interest in the process either.

The feeling is that the statement by the Uruguayan foreign minister is
the merit of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun which, by the way, hosted Almagro
in Yerevan. Official Yerevan welcomes such statements but does not
encourage them much.

Although the international recognition of NKP is declared a priority
for Armenia and Karabakh, no visible step has been taken so far to
fulfill this priority. Otherwise, the Foreign Minister of Uruguay
would be honored with a better reception, while the leadership in
Karabakh should invite Almagro to Karabakh to make sure that Armenians
live there.

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