Istanbul: Turkish President Slams ‘unbelievable’ French Hostility


Hurriyet Daily News
April 28 2012

President Abdullah Gul has strongly denounced anti-Turkey rhetoric in
France’s presidential elections with regard to the World War I killings
of Armenians and voiced regret over the conduct of French politicians.

“I deeply regret the fact that the issue has recently become an
electioneering instrument in France and the unbelievable dimension
that hostility to Turkey is reaching,” Gul told reporters during a
visit to Canakkale.

The President reiterated a Turkish proposal for the creation of a
joint Turkish-Armenian committee of scholars to examine whether the
1915-17 events amounted to “genocide” as the Armenians claim. “We
are making a clear appeal to the whole world. Let’s establish a joint
history commission if you are sincere.

This commission should come together, hold discussions and look into
the archives. Let’s see what happened in a realistic way. But we have
received no response to our proposal,” he said.

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