Why Europe Supports Armenia

Naira Hayrumyan

Story from Lragir.am News:

Published: 15:11:09 – 27/04/2012

Moscow-based lawyer Dagir Hasavov who called for the introduction of
the sharia court in Russia in an interview with Ren-TV, hastily left
the country. “We are at home. Perhaps you are foreigners here but we
are at home. We will establish the rules that suit us. Any attempt to
change this will end in bloodshed. Here will be the second dead lake.

We will wash the city with blood,” said Hasavov.

One cannot understand the situation in Russia and Europe, who attacks
and who defends. But obviously the confrontation between the two
religions and civilizations is slowly but steadily reaching its peak.

The Salafis in Germany succeeded attracting attention thanks to the
distribution of Koran. The number of supporters of this direction in
Islam who are extremely conservative is increasing. Salafis actively
recruit supporters in Germany, the Federal office for the protection
of constitution.

The ultra-conservative Salafi (from the word “ancestors”- Ed.) calls
for return to the “truly right” way of life and ideals of the early
Muslim community living under the Sharia law. The Salafis do not
recognize Western political models, democracy, equality of men
and women.

In the meantime, Imran Firasat, a citizen of Pakistan living in
Spain as political refugee, achieved what seemed impossible. His
request to ban Koran in Spain will be considered by the Commission
of Constitutional Law of the Congress of Deputies. Firisat thinks
Koran does not call for peace, it calls for war and violence.

Armenia is on the junction of these two civilizations. Being the first
country in the world to adopt Christianity as official religion,
Armenia has been fighting Muslim expansion for centuries. And if
previously the expansion was fulfilled through hostility and violence,
it has now acquired the form of demographic expansion.

In such a peace form it has crept into all parts of the world. And
now it is in Russia and Europe trying unsuccessfully to resist the
almost fait accompli. The growth of right-wing sentiment in France
and Germany is an attempt to intensify resistance. Nationalism is
starting to raise its head in Russia as well.

One of the forms of resistance is Europe’s support to Armenia since it
is the only country which was able to counteract to the physical and
demographic Muslim expansion. It is true that Armenia has made a lot
of sacrifice and it is still obliged to live in the Muslim blockade.

Most analysts think that the expansion of the Muslim world is a
response to earlier Christian attack. They say the Muslim people
have to defend themselves. Now it is difficult to say what caused the
the Christian-Muslim relations to begin to resemble preparations for
real war.


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