We Remember, We Forgive, We Seek Justice

By Madeleine Mezagopian


With great sorrow and pain today, April 24th, the Armenians in
the Republic of Armenia and world-wide, joined by their friends,
remember the genocide of One and Half a Million Armenians during
1915-1918. To those who question this most tragic and inhuman event,
I say all Armenians in Diaspora, whose ancestors unarmed and helplessly
watched their brethrens being massacred were left with one choice of
fleeing their lands leaving behind their properties to avoid having
their wives, daughters and sisters being raped and eventually all
getting massacred, are witnesses of the genocide.

Today, as devout Christians, we don’t seek revenge. Today, as
devout Christians, we approach the people of Turkey, not the Turkish
Government, the Turkish people who then and now are Armenians’ friends,
neighbors and partners. The Turkish people whose songs many Armenians
sing, whose food many Armenians cook and enjoy it as the Armenians
enjoy singing Armenian songs and eating Armenian food. We tell the
Turkish people:

We remember the miseries inflicted on our ancestors by your past
Turkish tyrants.

We forgive the Turkish perpetrators for the sake of you the people
of Turkey.

We approach you the people of Turkey, not the Turkish Government,
seeking justice through recognizing the genocide for the souls of
the one and a half million massacred for once and for all to attain
eternal peace.

Today, We remember the injustice inflicted on the Armenians. But
equally and with great gratitude and appreciation we remember each
country with its people, with its governments who provided a safe
heaven for every Armenian refugee.

Today, We the family of late Manuel and Anjel Mezagopian, with immense
love, remember the Hashemite Family, the Jordanians in every part of
beloved Jordan not least in Karak and the people of Jerusalem where
my grandfather Roupen Mezagopian found safe and sacred heaven for
his family among the families of Karak and among the Jerusalemites.

Today, every Jordanian of Armenian origin expresses, with great pride
and respect, loyalty to Jordan, to the Jordanian People and to Jordan’s
Hashemite leadership.

Today, We approach the Divine Providence to embrace not only the
Armenian victims of the Genocide, but all victims of injustice in
the heavenly Kingdom.

Today, We pray for God to enlighten and empower the Turkish people
towards having their government acknowledge the genocide paving the
way for truth and reconciliation which above all will best serve the
interests of Turkey and of the Turkish People.

Today, We Remember, We Forgive, We Seek Justice.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress


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