Among The Political Sources Constituting The Parliament Of Artsakh O

Among the political sources constituting the Parliament of Artsakh only the ARF-Dashnaktsoutyun remains uncertain about its participation in the coming presidential elections.
Friday, 20 April 2012 11:40

In his interview to, the representative of the
ARF Central Committee of Artsakh Davit Ishkhanyan noted that the
issue was in the stage of discussions. To the question whether
it is possible for them to have their own candidate or they will
participate in the elections without a candidate of their own the
Central Committee representative replied that neither variant was
excluded. “The ARF-Dashnaktsoutyun will definitely take part in the
coming elections, while its attitude is to be revealed in the nearest
future,” Davit Ishkhanyan added.

“Azat Hairenik”, a member party in the Parliament of Artsakh, had
earlier announced its standpoint of defending the candidacy of the
incumbent President and on April 17, the leader of the Democratic Party
of Artsakh, Ashot Ghoulyan informed about their tentative decision
according to which their party will not have a candidate of their
own. Now conferences are held during which suggestions have been
made to announce defending the candidacy of the incumbent President
at the party congress, Ashot Ghoulyan added.

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