Armenian Wine Not Presented In Russian Market Well Enough – Russian


Issues existing in Armenia’s wine-making sphere, ways of its
development, expansion of export opportunities have been discussed
today at the seminar-discussion organized today by Armenia’s Economy

Experts from Russia have been invited to present the wine-making
tendencies of world and Russian markets.

Director of “Jaguar” distributing organization Sergey Nikitin, speaking
about the engagement of wine-market in Russia, noted that this type of
product is being imported to that country mainly from Italy, France,
Spain. As to the Armenian wine, the expert said, it makes a very
small part in the Russian market: only 1 million liters of wine is
being imported, which shows that the Armenian product is not widely
consumed. According to the expert, the Armenian wine is being mainly
consumed by Armenian Diaspora or is being used for “exotics”.

Sergey Nikitin explained such small volume of consumption first with
high prices, which makes the buyer choose the well-known French wine
and not unknown Armenian.

“Another issue is that wine is mainly being exported by brandy
producers which means no relevant significance is being attached to
that product,” he said, adding that there is a lack of competition
in the wine market.

Among the existing issues is the outdated technology of wine
production. He said it is a phenomenon peculiar not only for Armenia,
but other former soviet countries.

The expert attached significance to the formation of wine brand. “It
may be done through press, advertisements, to show that there is not
only brandy in Armenia, but wine as well,” the Russian expert said.

He stressed that for the image of the Armenian wine it is necessary
to create wine shops. “There are Armenian shops but there are closed
for active consumers,” he said.

The Russian expert also added that there is “wine tourism” in Armenia,
but as compared with Moldova there is still a lot to be done in this
field. “The positive thing in that there is nothing about Armenian
wine and everything may be started from a clean page. To think over
legends is not difficult at all, especially for Armenians,” Sergey
Nikitin said.

From: A. Papazian

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