Gyumri Mayor accuses Prosperous Armenia of murdering daughter’s fian

Vestnik Kavkaza, Russia
April 14 2012

Mayor of Gyumri accuses “Prosperous Armenia” of murdering daughter’s fiance

The Mayor of the Armenian city of Gyumri, Vartan Gukasian, accused the
party “Prosperous Armenia” (PPA) of murdering his daughter’s fiance,
Trend reports with reference to the Armenian newspaper “Hraparak”

According to the Armenian media, a day before, in Gyumri, the fiance
of the mayor’s daughter, 27-year-old Karen Yesayan, was killed on the
day of their engagement. Yesayan’s body with a gunshot wound was found
in his car. Upon this fact, a criminal case has been instituted
according to the first part of Article 104 (murder) and Article 235
(illegal acquisition, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of
weapons) of the Criminal Code. Later, the police reported that someone
has been detained in the process of the investigation into the murder
in Gyumri, but his name has not been disclosed in the interests of the

A day before, Ghukasian, in an interview with the newspaper
“Hraparak”, rejected the widely-discussed version that the murder of
his future son-in-law was motivated by jealousy.

“(This case) is nothing personal or committed out of jealousy. This
thread surely leads to the PPA. In other words, those people arrested
are among prominent representatives of “Prosperous Armenia”, he says.

In turn, the responsible PPA person in Gyumri, Martun Grigoryan,
dismissed the mayor’s claims.

“Nothing like this is possible. The detainee is not a member of the
PPA, for sure. I officially declare this,” he said, expressing regret
over the incident and the belief that it cannot be associated with

The note also points out that, although the police did not announce
the name of the detainee, according to some reports he is Arutyun
Sargsyan, the son of the former Chief of Police in Gyumri’s Ani
district, Samvel Sargsyan.

“For sure, Arutyun is not a member of the PPA, let alone a prominent
representative of it,” Grigoryan says.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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