ARF-D has three main advantages as compared to others

ARF-D has three main advantages as compared to others and doesn’t
campaign for any leader

14:54 . 14/04

Next ARF-D visited Vayots Dzor within the frames of the election
campaign visits to the regions. The party representatives not only
urge people to become allies and to stand beside ARF-D on May 6
according to their slogan, but also, as ARF-D bureau representative
Hrant Margaryan stated, the party having a biography of more than a
century has a value system and, in that respect, principally differs
from the other parties functioning in the field.

`People don’t become ARF-D members to become MPs or ministers,’ the
politician said.

But in order to implement national goals one must be in the government.

`The post of a minister is also a means and we will not avoid having
it, either,’ Hrant Margaryan said.

According to Hrant Margaryan, three main advantages make ARF-D
competitive. These advantages are: having a stable value system, being
a pan-national structure and a real party. It is real, as it doesn’t
campaign for any leader.

ARF-D members also urged the residents of Vayots Dzor not to adhere to
the opinion that nothing can be changed. According to ARF-D Armenia
Supreme Body representative Armen Rustamyan, the statements of the
forces must be doubted, according to which they are coming to make
reforms in the country. A parade of transformation has started, which
brings about a number of questions.

`What changes do they promise, if they don’t change themselves? If you
don’t have the will to change yourself, how will you change others?
The ones who promise changes have acted in front of our eyes and the
people can make a definite decision,’ Rustamyan said.

Pediatrician of Yeghegnadzor Nune Petrosyan is also an MP candidate in
ARF-D’s list.

`I have four children, I am one of you and I don’t want my children to
become emigrants and stay without a homeland. The country needs
changes urgently,’ Petrosyan stressed.

Women’s representation in the parliament by quotas is obliged by the
international community. But in case of ARF-D women’s involvement has
never been an obligation. The lecturer of Yerevan State Linguistic
University Nvard Manasyan is also in the party’s proportional list.

`We have come just to ask for trust from you. You will be the watchful
followers of it for five years, with us and everywhere, as we must
fight for our freedom in the parliament, in the streets, in the
schools,’ Nvard Manasyan said.

ARF-D’s next meeting is already on Sunday. They have invited to a
meeting in Ashtarak, the regional center of Aragatsotn at 7:00pm.

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