Open Letter To President Of Constitutional Court Gagik Harutyunyan


Story from News:

Published: 10:33:39 – 13/04/2012

Save Teghut Civil Initiative sent an open letter to the President
of the Constitutional Court of Armenia Gagik Harutyunyan referring
to the February request by Save Teghut, Transparency International
Anti-Corruption Center and Ecodar NGO to discuss a number of issues
within the competence of the Constitutional Court. They note that these
issues are directly related to the activities of the Constitutional

According to the authors of the statement, the Court needs
to undertake relevant steps to avoid misinterpretation of the
international agreements, namely Aarhus Convention. They state that the
Constitutional Court is essential for the establishment and promotion
of democracy, respect for the Constitution and human rights, otherwise
the institute of constitutional justice becomes unnecessary and formal.

Save Teghut statement holds that though the Constitutional Court
does not have to comment on its decisions, it could comment at
least on issues of high public importance through discussion and
conferences which will help raise the legal status of the Court for the
international structures and will influence the solution of the issues.

The authors say it is not clear why the President of the Court does
not react to their specific proposals to launch discussion on issues
of high public importance.

Save Teghut Initiative is looking forward to getting quick response
from the President of the Constitutional Court Gagik Harutyunyan
otherwise the society will have to state the declarative essence of
the Constitutional Court of Armenia the decisions of which have no
legal value.

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