The Pedagogical University Is Engaged In The Republican Party Of Arm


April 10, 2012 17:23

Although Armen Ashotyan, an RPA minister, has ordered rectors not
to politicize colleges, the student unions of those were and remain
“the most Republicanized.”

One of the striking examples of that was the event organized in
Charles Aznavour Square in the framework of the RPA election campaign,
the leading actors of which were the RPA youth organization and
the Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU) student union. The
university students not only made statements on the stage, but also
enthusiastically flew the RPA flag. inquired from Volodya
Gasparyan, the head of the ASPU student union, whether the university
student union was a party unit to be engaged in the propaganda of a
certain party, whether it wasn’t banned by the law.

“But who said that we are engaged in propaganda in the premises of
the university, moreover, it isn’t written the Pedagogical University
on the poster, it is written the ASPU student union,” justified
my interlocutor. The student union belongs to the Armenian State
Pedagogical University and not to any party unit,

doesn’t it? “The Student union is a self-governed body and has the
right to participate in multifold events,” Volodya tried not to give
up. “Even in party-like events?” we didn’t yield. The head of the
student union said that they could cooperate on various programs
which didn’t contradict the student interests.

And if, for example, the ANC makes an offer to cooperate what will
they do? “We haven’t gotten any such offer yet, if there is one,
we will discuss it,” concluded Volodya Gasparyan.

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