Tsarukyan, "Victim" Or "Martyr"


Story from Lragir.am News:

Published: 12:17:20 – 09/04/2012

“It is difficult, hard for me. I’m ready to lose everything but
keep the trust of the people. I will never lose my trust,” said the
leader of Prosperous Armenia Party Gagik Tsarukyan while launching
the election campaign in Abovyan.

It is an interesting statement because for the first time Tsarukyan
dwelt on difficulties. He was silent when the police arrested PAP
members accusing them of trading drugs, even when his most loyal aide,
Hamo of Bangladesh, was arrested. Now Tsarukyan suddenly dwelt on
difficulties when Hamo is at large, and Tsarukyan succeeded taking him
out of jail after he appeared amid a scandal for the hundredth time.

However, Tsarukyan dwells on a difficult situation by launching the
campaign. Perhaps, his aide cost him a high price to pay to Serzh
Sargsyan or Tsarukyan refers to the difficult situation because
he is going to play the role of a “victim” or “martyr” during the
election period.

On the other hand, Gagik Tsarukyan has objective grounds to appear in
difficulty. Now, the PAP needs to say no to all the three presidents
and choose its own path if there is such a path or it needs to make a
choice between them. Currently, Levon Ter-Petrosyan, Serzh Sargsyan
and Robert Kocharyan are pretending to the PAP resource, and it is
very difficult for Gagik Tsarukyan to choose because he may lose
everything in case of a wrong choice.

Moreover, he may lose everything regardless the choice. In other words,
choosing among three presidents is wrong in essence. But Prosperous
Armenia has no other way or possibility to choose its own path because
he allowed at least two of the three presidents too close to him and
now he should rely on their mutual agreements.

In this context, the upcoming parliamentary election will be a defeat
for Tsarukyan because he will not win, only Kocharyan or Sargsyan
will win, or perhaps also Ter-Petrosyan will win through him but the
latter is less possible. It is possible that Kocharyan wins through
Ter-Petrosyan using Tsarukyan as bait for Ter-Petrosyan.

Hence, if Gagik Tsarukyan relies on the will and activities of three
presidents and does not take his time to choose his own political
path, he needs to withdraw from politics. Eventually, he will face
this choice after the parliamentary elections when prosperous Armenia
will either have to join the RPA as an attache like the Orinats Yerkir
Party or become systemic opposition headed by Robert Kocharyan and
Vartan Oskanian because without them Tsarukyan cannot fulfill systemic
opposition functions or he will have to join the opposition Congress.

Although this option is hardly possible since without the government
Tsarukyan will not be so popular with the Congress leadership.


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