Armenian Revolutionary Federation To Improve Science Financing?


Under its election program, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation
Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D) plans to bring the financing of Armenia’s
science up to 1 to 2 percent of Armenia’s GDP.

This is ten times as much as now, the ARF-D member Lilit Galstyan
told journalists on Monday.

According to her, the party plans to implement its economic programs
without affecting the environment in any way, with the public to
benefit from them.

The ARF-D election program envisages progressive introduction of a
corporate compulsory health insurance payout system and affordability
of education.

The ARF-D MP Ara Nranyan presented the points dealing with import
and small and medium business development.

“We plan to adopt anti-monopoly laws and remove artificial barriers
to free entry to markets. We also plan to adopt pricing laws and form
an interagency antidumping commission to protect the local producers,”
Nranyan said.

The ARF-D is the only party that has been actively implementing its
programs since last elections. “The ARF-D has been much more active
than the ruling political force,” he said.

The ARF-D MP Arstvik Minasyan spoke of the agricultural, tax and
loan policies.

“Armenia’s farmers need government support,” he said.

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