Beirut: Politician raps Erdogan over criticism of Iranian leaders

Lebanese National News Agency
April 7 2012

Lebanese politician raps Turkish premier over criticism of Iranian leaders

[“Wahhab’s Party lashing out at Erdogan!.”]

Druze politician of the Tawheed Unification Party, Wi’am Wahhab,
lashed out at Turkish PM Recep Tayip Erdogan for describing Iranian
leaders in a derogatory fashion.
Wahhab’s party commented on Erdogan’s criticism of the Iranian
attitude calling him a dishonest liar and hypocrite. Tawheed press
release added that Erdogan’s theatrical defence of the Palestinians
was tantamount to effective liquidation of the Palestinian Cause in
collaboration with the Zionists!

Party seized the occasion to recall the genocide and deportation of
one million and the half Armenians and enslavement of most Muslims at
the hands of Ottoman Turks and concluded that Erdogan’s ultimate
dishonesty manifested itself through his giving refuge to anti-Asad

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