BAKU: We will continue propaganda and struggle until…

APA, Azerbaijan
April 6 2012

`We will continue propaganda and struggle until every inch of Nagrono
Karabakh is freed from Armenian occupation ‘, Elnur Aslanov

[ 06 Apr 2012 20:40 ]
Propagandizing Nagorno Karabakh problem is duty of the every
Azerbaijani citizen as well as each student calling himself member of
the young generation , said Elnur Aslanov, chief of the Department of
Political Analysis and Information of the Presidential Administration
of Azerbaijan at the `I am a Young Ambassador’ ASAIF Forum in

Budapest-APA. He also emphasized Azerbaijan’s position on regulation
of Nagorno Karabakh problem: `We will continue propaganda and struggle
until every inch of Nagrono Karabakh is freed from Armenian
occupation, this is only acceptable norm for Azerbaijan. Nagorno
Karabakh is historical Azerbaijani territory and will stay as
Azerbaijani land. This truth will never change. We will never give up
our struggle until justice is restored. Our struggle is peaceful. Our
struggle is for our lands and the world should know and accept it. We
wish our lands was freed without bloodshed and they were freed without
any loses from our and opposite side. Therefore Azerbaijan is faithful
to peaceful policy for years continuously. But it will not continue
like this forever. If we couldn’t hold our next forums in Karabakh,
Shusha and Khankandi, this way will be different. Then this way will
depend on Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s order. You, youth will be
executors of this order’.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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