The Opening Speech And The Answers Of The Questions Of Edward Nalban




I would like to welcome everyone attending this press conference
which these days became daily.

I am pleased to welcome my counterpart, the Foreign Minister of
Finland, who is in Armenia on an official visit. Here is another
country with which we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the
establishment of diplomatic relations.

We attach great importance to the development of our relations with
Finland and today we took the opportunity to discuss the ways of
developing bilateral relations, and regional and international issues,
as well as Armenia-European Union interaction.

We expressed satisfaction with the progress achieved in the development
of Armenia-European Union relations. We presented each other the
developments unrolling in Armenia and Finland.

We will have an opportunity to continue the negotiations in the second
half of the day, as well.

Once again I am pleased to welcome Finish Minister of Foreign
Affairs Erkki Tuomioja in Armenia and I am passing the floor with
great pleasure.

Question: The Azerbaijani authorities are trying to extort statements
from politicians visiting Baku on the Karabakh issue, by stressing
the principle of territorial integrity. How do you think what are
the purpose of those attempts?

Edward Nalbandian: Unfortunately, it is truly so. Baku is always
trying to blackmail the delegations visiting Baku in order to extort
one-sided formulations on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh issue.

It is clear that such an approach and playing into the hands of those
Azeri attempts would not be useful for the peaceful settlement of
Karabakh issue.

But one thing is obvious that the right to self-determination, the
self-determination principle is not only a principle of international
law but also, as defined in the UN Charter, is one of the most
important purposes of the international community.

This principle is the basis for the settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh
issue, presented by the Co-Chairs together with other principles.

Those principles find their reflection in the decisions and statements,
which were adopted in the frames of the OSCE. Let me recall them –
the statements adopted in the frames of the OSCE Ministerial meetings
in Helsinki in December of 2008, in Athens in December of 2009, in
Almaty in July of 2010, as well as during the OSCE summit in Astana in
December of 2010 and in the framework of the OSCE Ministerial meeting
in Vilnius held last year. The right to self-determination is clearly
stressed in all those statements and the Co-Chairs repeatedly stated,
at the highest level, as well, that the people of Nagorno-Karabakh
should determine its fate, its future status.

Those attempts of Azerbaijan are not aimed at contributing to the
settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh issue, but misleading his society.

It definitely is not useful for the process of the settlement.

But we hope that the negotiations will be continued by the support of
the international community and the Co-Chairs and the solution will be
found based on the principles which were presented by the Co-Chairs –
non-use of force or threat of force, the right to self-determination
and territorial integrity.

Thank you.

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