Besides Use Of Force


Story from News:

Published: 12:19:07 – 31/03/2012

The statement of the initiative group for the demolition of the
illegal constructions in Mashtots Park

The statement of the Police on the planned activities of dismantlement
in Mashtots Park are evidence that the police intends to continue
to defend the illegal constructions built with obvious essential
violations of requirements defined by the license on land of public
property in Yerevan community. We suppose that the police are aware
of their responsibility to the society for the protection of the
illegal property and the ensuing consequences.

Please note that Yerevan is a community, a community of the population
of Yerevan. The residents of the community can fulfill self-governance
within the administrative borders of Yerevan. The communal or state
ownership of an illegal construction on land which is community
property is recognized, regardless of who built it. The owner of the
land has the right to dismantle an illegal building on his land.

We continue to consider the right of the representatives of the
society protesting against illegal actions in Mashtots Park violated.

Hence, we believe that the necessity of actions for the protection
of the communal property of the residents of Yerevan persists.

At the same time, we expect the police to present more substantive
arguments to prevent the actions for self-defense of civil rights
besides use of force.

Initiative group for the demolition of the illegal constructions in
Mashtots Park

From: Baghdasarian