Eurovision In Baku May Become The Most Disputed Contest After The On


21 March, 2012

LONDON, MARCH 21, ARMENPRESS: “The Independent” British newspaper has
issued an article entitled “Eurovision: A Light Show in a Dark Place”,
Armenpress reports.

According to The Independent, Eurovision Song Contest 2012 to be held
this May in Azerbaijan cased to suffer many citizens, as during the
preliminary works of the contest the Azerbaijani government forcedly
drove out thousands of residents from their own apartments. The
Eurovision in Baku may become the most disputed after it was held in
fascist Spain under Franco.

The Azerbaijani government could take the chance of holding the
international song contest in Baku for showing the country”s growing
economy. Azeri activists hoped such a resonant event would exert a
pressure on the authoritarian administration of Azerbaijan and will
help to improve the very poor state of human rights in the republic.

But as The Independent writes, law enforcement organizations state that
presently the state of human rights in Azerbaijan has deteriorated.

In a report posted last month “Human Rights Watch” international
law-enforcement organization has revealed that for making renovations
for “Eurovision”, particularly, because of the chamber build for the
contest, the Azerbaijani government, violating the court”s decisions,
has forcedly kicked out people from their houses.

Nevertheless, no country has expressed intent to boycott Eurovision
2012. Armenia has refused to participate in the contest after President
Ilham Aliyev proclaimed Armenia as “main enemy” of Azerbaijan, The
Independent writes.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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