TEHRAN: Azeri soldiers involved in drug trafficking in Afghanistan

Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Sahar 1 TV, Tehran
Feb 28 2012

Azeri soldiers involved in drug trafficking in Afghanistan

[Presenter] Azerbaijani soldiers are engaged in guarding opium
plantations in Afghanistan along with US invaders, an informed source

[Correspondent] In reaction to the Azerbaijani media campaign that
accuses Iran of involvement in drug trafficking and the arrest of
Azerbaijani believers linked to it, an informed source has said that
the expansion of drug trafficking is a policy seriously pursued by
some Azerbaijani political circles.

Touching on the fact that Azerbaijani soldiers are serving in
Afghanistan are under the control of US forces and that the number of
opium plantations in this country has increased by 40 per cent
following the deployment of foreign servicemen to Afghanistan, the
source said that the Azerbaijani government had sent some of its
soldiers serving on the front-line in Nagornyy Karabakh to Afghanistan
to help the USA achieve its purpose. The USA’s military campaign in
Afghanistan is aimed at dealing a blow to regional countries,
especially Iran, by increasing the production and smuggling of drugs.

The clear reason for Baku’s involvement in the US policy of expanding
drug trafficking in the region is that in their propaganda about
drugs, the media of the Azerbaijan Republic are not saying anything
about the sources of drugs, that’s to say Afghanistan, and their main
factor, that’s to say the US military presence in Afghanistan, and are
accusing Iran, a country which is resolutely fighting drug smuggling.

In terms of its geographic position, the Azerbaijani Republic and Iran
are located on the route of a mafia group engaged in drug trafficking,
the source reported. According to the source, since the occupation of
Afghanistan by the USA in 2001, special flights carried out by the USA
and the UK from military bases in Afghanistan have been aimed at
transporting narcotic substances. The Azerbaijani Republic’s air space
and airports are also being used for this purpose under the pretext of
partnership with NATO.

[Passage omitted: The source also says the conduct of the Eurovision
Song Contest in Azerbaijan is aimed at distributing narcotic
substances among young people and that journalists like Anar Bayramli,
a correspondent of the Baku bureau of the Iranian Television and Radio
Organization, are being arrested in Azerbaijan for disseminating
information about this]

[translated from Azeri]

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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