CIS warns about likely consequences, for Caucasus, of war vs. Iran

CIS official warns about likely consequences, for Caucasus, of war against Iran
February 29, 2012 | 14:17

MOSCOW. – A war in Iran could cause a serious instability in the
Caucasus and prompt uncontrollable migration processes, CIS
Anti-Terrorism Center Director Andrei Novikov told news reporters on

In his words, if an aggression is waged, the likely geopolitical
shifts will be difficult to calculate. `Immigration inconveniences are
possible,’ Novikov stated.

The Anti-Terrorism Center Director also did not rule out that in case
of military operations, a refugee flow could start from Iran toward
neighboring CIS countries. He also reminded that a large number of
ethnic Azerbaijanis live in Iran.

`Everything possible is being done so that such instability is not
created in the Caspian Basin and in the South Caucasus,’ Andrei
Novikov maintained, RIA Novosti News Agency of Russia informs.

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