Are U.S. Claims To Armenia Possible?

Igor Muradyan

Story from News:

Published: 14:18:31 – 29/02/2012

It is hard not to notice the U.S. has not made any claim to Armenia for
the period of 1995-2011 for the development of its relations with Iran.

Americans were interested in a number of issues of the Armenian and
Iranian relations of a particular character and solved these issues
without any harm to Armenia. Moreover, the U.S. was also interested
in this to some extent in connection with hopes to create arenas for
American-Iranian contacts in the Armenian environment.

Armenia was one of the first countries where “alternative”,
practically, unofficial contacts between the representatives of
diplomatic and intelligence services of the U.S. and Iran were held.

In November-December 2001, the U.S. twice tried to pressure Armenia
for its relations with Iran. It is strange, and it does not fit into
the U.S. regional policy. Americans has not explained the essence of
their claims.

The political leadership of Armenia did not retreat since retreating
from scheduled steps in the Iranian direction, it would have been
deprived of important levers of foreign policy. Right after the
successful visit of R.Kocharyan to Iran, the U.S. ambassador said in
a private meeting with Armenian experts that the Armenian leadership
understood wrongly what the U.S. was striving for. Taking into account
that tense relations between Azerbaijan and Iran, lack of any relations
between Georgia and Iran satisfy the U.S., then only Armenia has not
intervened in the U.S. policy.

But the explanation of these attempts to make claims to Armenia means
to aspire to consistently pursue a policy of a new “new blockade” and
regional isolation toward Iran. If the U.S. has previously considered
Armenia mainly in the wake of the U.S.-Russian and partly U.S.-Iranian
relations, the new conditions of Armenia are increasingly viewed by
the U.S. in the light of the U.S.-Turkish relations.

It is characteristic that Americans and their European partners gave
up raising the issue on the Meghri “corridor”, stopped insisting
on the opening of some transport directions, and apparently, are
not interested in the construction of the Kars-Akhalkalak railway,
since the American policy supposes for geopolitical and political
isolation of Turkey. Great Britain considers the Iranian-Armenian
relations exceptionally proceeding from the security tasks of energy

Before making claims to Armenia, the U.S. should solve the issues of
large trade relations of Iran with Turkey, Azerbaijan and many other
countries. Besides, it would be absurd to repress the U.S. because
of Armenia since the Western community supports in economically and
there is no sense to undermine its economy.

From: Baghdasarian

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