Yerevan Mayor Refuses To Support Environmental Activists

February 21, 2012 | 20:33

YEREVAN. – Yerevan City Mayor Taron Margaryan made a statement
in relation to the protests against installing boutiques in the
Mashtots Park.

“Dear Yerevan residents,

The installation of temporary pavilions in the non-green area of the
Mashtots Park gained a public resonance. It is better to exchange
reasonable facts and achieve mutual public understanding instead
of protesting.

Anyone who desires to get acquainted with the facts on installing
temporary pavilions in the park will make fair conclusions. The facts
are the following: the pavilions mainly in green areas on the Abovyan
Street in Yerevan downtown has been dismantled by the city hall.

However, the owners were provided with other areas as compensation,
including the nearby non-green area of the Mashtots Park. To note, the
area is for temporary use. Important and complicated property issues
should not be settled based on separate people’s idea of justice.

I believe any issue regarding the capital may be settled in a civilized
way for the benefit of our city,” the statement reads.

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