Gagik Beglaryan Backs Construction Of Trade Pavilions In Mashtots Pa


Tuesday, February 21, 14:13

Despite protest actions against construction of trade pavilions in
the Mashtots Park, construction is continued even at nighttime.

Lawyer Mery Khachatryan told media on February 21 that construction
was resumed overnight. The leadership of the nearby hospital and the
maternity clinic responded in no way to the construction noise. “It
is simply silly. The police was on duty at night in order the green
activists do not create obstacles to the construction. The entire
Internet is laughing at such situation,” she said. Khchatryan said
that Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan has not yet expressed desire to
meet with the activists. “Instead, we are reluctant to communicate
with top police officials,” she said.

Karine Danielyan, Head of the Association For Sustainable Development
says that owners of the pavilions are ex-mayor of Yerevan Gagik
Beglaryan and ex-minister of transport and communication Eduard
Madatyan. “At least, their names are mentioned by Mass Media,” she
says. Danielyan suggests meeting with the owner of the pavilions to
put an end to that dispute.

It would be legally based as the municipality has a right to suspend
the contact with the owners, stop construction and hold public
hearings. However, given the response by architect Levon Igityan,
who is a member of the Elder’s Council of Yerevan, the municipality
will go on such step only when pigs begin to fly.

“I believe that these pavilions are temporary. Why they are built of
concrete? They can’t be built on soil, can they? Let’s not war in the
streets. I know some activists, they were my students and they were
rather middling. I did not visit the park. Are trees damaged in the
construction site? Should I care also for trees now?” there are some
of Igityan’s “gems” made in the press conference, Tuesday.

From: A. Papazian

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